About Loo

This page is about Loo (that’s me), the woman behind To Dye For.

I live in Stockport, Greater Manchester, with my husband, our two children and a loony cocker spaniel.

Until February 2015 I was a train driver, but after having the children I found the job was too stressful in an already hectic life, and felt that I was missing out on the fun parts of being a parent, in order to do the boring part of earning money.  So we made the massive decision that no amount of money could make up for being unhappy, and I waved goodbye to the railways.

img_1797-2To Dye For happened quite organically.  We are baby wearing, natural parenting hippies at heart, and last year I tie-dyed a bunch of baby vests, Tee shirts and muslin squares for my children to use.  They turned out brilliantly, and I really enjoyed both the process, and the result of seeing my smalls wearing customised, individual clothing.  People started to ask me where I had bought my funky pieces from and then, if I’d dye them custom orders.  From there, the kernel of To Dye For was sown.  When I left my job and was wondering what do next, it became obvious that I wanted to do something creative, and tie-dyeing seemed like the natural choice.

Let the tie-dye revolution begin!