‘Procion’ Fibre Reactive Dyes


Please note that the 25g quantities will be packaged in small sealed bags.  50g quantities will be packaged in screw top pots. Tie dyeing instructions are sent with each order of dye.


‘Procion’ fibre reactive dyes are perfect for when it comes to dyeing natural cellulose fibres (plant fibres) including cotton, rayon, linen, hemp, flax, paper, reeds and wood.  They can be used for tie-dye, tub dyeing, graduation dyeing, printing, hand painting, shibori, wax batik and more.

I stock a range of plain white garments ready for dyeing on the website, and if you need any inspiration have a look at my Instagram or Facebook pages.

The dyes with code ‘PR’ are from Dharma Trading Company, imported from the USA. They are the very best quality, the brightest colours and the easiest to dissolve. The dyes with code MX are produced in the UK. They are also incredibly high quality as I only use the colours that I have rigorously tested and used on the clothes that I dye and sell myself.  Whichever dye you choose you will treat the same regarding your chosen dyeing technique, and the result will be a vibrant, eye-catching and permanent colour. Fibre-reactive dyes require soda ash to fix the colour on to the fabric.

Please be aware that fibre reactive dyes will not work at all on synthetics such as 100% polyester and will only dye protein fibres such as wool and silk to pale shades. Each dye will come with instructions and you will find a lot of information on the internet about alternative dyeing methods. I also advise that you pre-wash all your garments before you begin dyeing, as a lot of manufacturers use chemicals to coat the fabrics meaning the dye won’t penetrate as easily.

What do I need in order to tie dye?

How much will your dye yield for tub dyeing?

A child’s tee shirt weighs approximately 100g, and an adults tee shirt weighs approximately 200g. For every 400g of dry weight garment, you will need approximately 13 litres of water, 5g of dye and 30g of soda ash.  This will allow the fabric to move freely in the tub to make the colour even. Please remember to use 4 times the amount of dye when using black to achieve good results.
For tub dyeing instructions I recommend that you follow Dharma Trading Company’s method

How much will your dye yield for bottle application dyeing?

My preferred method of dyeing is bottle application.  You will need to soak your garments in a soda ash solution before wringing out the excess liquid (I do this using the spin cycle on the washing machine). When using this method I mix 10g of dye to 300ml of water.  This should be enough dye for three adult t-shirts. Don’t forget that when dyeing with black you will need four times the normal strength to achieve the best results.

The colours shown are intended as a guide only, as dye results can vary on different fabrics and with different dyeing techniques.

Please be aware that these kits are made up in my active workshop.  This means that there are sometimes loose dye particles in the box.  I do my best to avoid this, but it can be unavoidable.

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  1. Sabrina (verified owner)

    Came in less than 24 hours from when I ordered it – thank you!! Love the card that came in the package too- and it also came with instructions.

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