Aftercare Guide

The majority of your tie dye can be washed as normal with the rest of your laundry on a 30 degree or colder wash.
Wash with similar colours if you want to avoid the lighter colours like yellow from becoming dull.
There are a couple of exceptions to this. I advise that any garments dyed in the Peacock Jellyfish or Nebula design, or any clothes that have been dyed heavily with navy blue or black to be washed by themselves for the first few washes. These colours often release colour after the dyeing process has been completed, much like you would see with a pair of indigo jeans. After the first few washes they will be fine to wash with your dark washing.
Clothing that has hand painted stars on should be hand washed and only be ironed inside out with a cool iron.
Clothing with a logo on should be ironed inside out with a cool iron.